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How we started….

Associated Textile Rubber Products Limited (ASTER) was originally, Associated Textile Rubber Products Private Limited which was incorporated in 1991 and later was converted into Limited Company in 1994. After becoming a Limited Company, in 1995 Associated Textile Rubber Products Limited had offered its shares to public via an IPO to the tune of Rs.2.20 Crores and get listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) The name of the company has been changed from Associated Textile Rubber products limited to S R K Industries Limited in 2011.

Progress of S R K Industries Limited (SRK ):

During the Financial year 2009-10 Mr. Rakeshchand M. Jain had joined the SRK. He has a vast experience in trading of textile products and Housing Sector and brought his resources as an expert and the company entered into the Business of Textile products and investment in Housing Sector.

Restructuring of S R K Industries Limited (SRK):
The company working have been divided into two segments namely Textile Real Estate. Since last financial year, after restructuring of SRK, the revenue has increase substantially comparatively from previous year

The company has announce first time madden dividend in history of the company since inception.

Investors Protection:
S R K Industries Limited (SRK) Equity shares are traded at Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE]. We appreciate our shareholders having faith with our management team.

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