Investor Grievances

Are you facing a problem or have queries regarding the securities of the Company? Do not worry, this is the right place to address all your investor related problems. Just submit any grievance you may have related to the Securities of the Company using the inter-face on this web-page. The grievance received is directed to the Compliance Officer of the company.

Compliance Officer:-
Contact : Mr. Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma
Email :

The Company Compliance officer attends the grievance received in following manner:

If the grievance is in respect of non-receipt of Annual Reports or any other grievances etc., the same is settled directly by the Compliance officer by furnishing the information to the concerned Shareholder by email. If the grievance is in respect of non receipt of Shares, the same is forwarded to the Company’s Registrar and Share Transfer Agents who shall attend to the grievance and correspond with the Shareholder for expeditious and efficient settlement of the same.

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Share Transfer Agent:-
9 Shiv Shakti Ind. Estate.
J R Boricha Marg
Lower Parel (East)
Mumbai 400 011
Phone : 2301 6761 / 2301 8261
Fax : 2301 2517
Email :

Trading Price and History

Please refers the following site of the site of BSE Limited (Mumbai) for further details:-